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Pike (Esox lucius) and Zander (Sander lucioperca), prehistoric preyfish reprisent one of the biggest trophyes in any water.

Why fish for pike  and zander on Preserje pond or Braslovče lake?
Preserje pond is known for its trophy size pikes up to 120cm and zanders up to 100cm. Pond is rich with many fish species therefore pikes and zanders grow fast and big with all the food around them. Braslovče lake is located in the middle of the forest and surrunded with many pathways and hidden places. Pikes and zanders are known to strike on the surface as the water levels are not very hign.

Fishing permits
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Pike and zander     30,00 €

Selling points

Fishing Association Sempeter headquarters
Preserje 9a
3314 Braslovče
tel: +386 (0)31 316 934
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Dnevni Bar Tas
Polzela 39
3313 Polzela
tel: +386 (0)40 800 473
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Grešni kozel
Male Braslovče 11
3314 Braslovče
tel: +386 (0)41 703 493Objava | dom | urejevalnik | out5.jpg
Prenočišča in kamp Park
Latkova vas 227
3312 Prebold
tel: +386 (0)41 472 496
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Prijava krivolova, onesnaženja, pogina... 031.316.934