Hucho hucho is king of Savinja. When traditional fly fishing season ends, Hucho fly fishing season starts :-)
Hucho hucho (Huchen) season lasts from 1st of October till 14th of February.
Fishing is allowed from dawn (1 hour before sunrise) till dusk (1 hour after sunset).
Hucho part of Savinja river managed by fishing club Šempeter is famous for its big and healthy Hucho population.
Fly fishing and spinning is allowed with special Hucho licence in pairs of two anglers on 20km of Savinja river from bridge in Letuš to bridge in Petrovče. We only allow maximum of 10 (5 pairs) anglers per day to fish for Hucho to keep angling pressure low resulting in "trigger happy" Huchos taking baits more frequently than on other rivers.

What can you expect
 - Hucho of trophy sizes up to 120cm
 - many bites also during day
 - easy river access by car
 - fly fishing suitable water levels

Guiding service

Fishing permit Price
Hucho hucho (Savinja 6 + 7, only with official guide OR in pair with another angler)buy online 50,00 € per angler

Selling points

Fishing Association Sempeter headquarters
Preserje 9a
3314 Braslovče
tel: +386 (0)31 316 934
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Dnevni Bar Tas
Polzela 39
3313 Polzela
tel: +386 (0)40 800 473
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Grešni kozel
Male Braslovče 11
3314 Braslovče
tel: +386 (0)41 703 493Objava | dom | urejevalnik | out5.jpg
Prenočišča in kamp Park
Latkova vas 227
3312 Prebold
tel: +386 (0)41 472 496
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